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[PLAYLIST] Trans-Tasman

It was with great sorrow that I reluctantly left the wonderful land of Australia again today/yesterday/whatever timezone you are in... But not before compiling a collection of 'CHUNES' (bogan slang for songs) that I've collected over the past two months from both Australia and New Zealand.

This collection of songs is honestly a complete jumble. Some come from great new bands that I've just discovered, some are friends of mine so I'm probably biased to their talents, some are just bands I've loved for a long time. The one thing that ties them all together (because their sound and genre sure don't) is that they are all Australian and New Zealand artists, and they deserve to get played to the rest of the world, if they haven't already.

Now, I better get out of the airport before someone comes and arrests me or calls security (I've literally heard about 40 announcements about reporting unattended items and suspicious behavior since sitting here). Enjoy.

- N

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