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[PLAYLIST] San Jose Jazz Summer Fest

We had an amazing weekend in San Jose at the San Jose Jazz Summer Jazz Fest working hard, playing hard, and generally burning the candles at both ends.

Overall it was an incredible weekend of good music, wonderful new friends and great musical discovery. Whether it was a band/artist we actually saw, one that was on the line-up that we were 'too busy' to see, or someone that one of our new friend's recommended to us, everything was filled with soul and got to us in some way or other.


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Do you wonder what Willow Wood does on the weekends? A few weekends ago we took a road trip to the Ojai mountains. We made friends, discovered new music, were visited by the ghost of Jerry Garcia's past [in the form of our ranger] and drove past Johnny Cash's old house; all in all the WW camping trip was a success. Our adventure was accompanied by the following songs. Listen, enjoy and become inspired for your next trip.

L & N

(featuring guest contributor: Charlie Morgan)


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